Saturday, October 8, 2016

"Timeless American" by Eddie Lee book launch...

now shinya's focusing on the project R, Kawasaki Z1.


in the late afternoon. came to Deus Ex Machina in Venice. distance was no problem but the traffic was too harsh on our 1915 Indian in between Azusa and the city so we hauled it in the van to the city, unloaded in the city and shinya rode it all the way to Venice. so happy that it still runs great after a 3,000+ journey :)


the reason why we brought our dead tired Indian here was to celebrate the book launch for "Timeless American ~ a selection of pre-1916 Motorcycles" by Eddie Lee. congrats, Eddie! many of our fellow Cannonballer Urban Hirsch's collections are in the book.

なぜ疲れているインディアンを持ち出してヴェニスまで来たかと言うと、1916年以前のアメリカ製のモーターサイクルだけを集めた、今までありそうでなかった本「タイムレス・アメリカン」by Eddie Lees氏の出版記念の集まりがあると聞いたから。後姿の紳士は1回目のキャノンボールで一緒だった勝手に江戸っ子と呼んでいるUH氏。江戸っ子のコレクションがこの本の中にたくさん掲載されている。

and Urban brought some of them to display at Deus. 1907 Indian tri-car.


 1915 Harley-Davidson side-car.

 1914 Harley-Davidson single

 Deus MV Agusta Brutale "AgoTT" by Woolie.


 every single detail is fascinating...


 1912 New Era

had a blast! now time to go back to the canyon city :D


Friday, October 7, 2016

a short while ago...



 Wata is busy making another sets of roll cages for his Datsun land speed racer project and for his customer's Datsun project in Japan.


for the first time since he rode in Sardinia.


wide variety of creatures.


our neighbor friend Boy is 60 years old. he's been riding choppers since he was a teen and he still rides one like a teen :) never mind the heavy kicker!


the XR185 that shinya put together all the different kinds of parts we had in our workshop is done. can't wait to ride it off road.


Thursday, October 6, 2016

welcome back..

what a surprise! the Yamaha Faster Son bike (project menudo) was back from Europe. welcome back!

割と突然、欧州を周っていた The Faster Son(我々はメヌードと呼んでいた)が役目を終えて戻って来た。おかえりなさい!

and shinya's back to work. welcome back!


Wednesday, October 5, 2016

a life with fulfillment...

had a photo shoot from noon until late afternoon and that brought shinya already a feeling of accomplishment. that's why he said he was going to relax and use rest of the day finishing up the XR185. okay, he's still recovering from the Cannonball syndrome.


 and it's done!


Wata heard the sound and came out from #12. hey, it's my new trail bike, no more front flip, please!


Tuesday, October 4, 2016

slo-mo vs. ff...

 AM. kick start your day!


PM. trying some ideas for the side mirror for the F4 project. 


at #12. the roll cage for the Camaro project was coming along nicely. he's been accelerating the progress. way to go, Wata!


late at night. making the F4 mirror idea into shape.


to be continued...