Wednesday, April 19, 2017

shinya's on/off switch is broken now...

took our friend K-san and his son from Japan to the canyon.


 looking for something?


since K-san's son didn't have moto license yet they had to ride double and shinya wanted to let them ride the SR500, one of the most reliable motorbikes of all we have. however, very unusually, it acted up and they had to take the Aermacchi 350 Sprint instead. two tall guys on 350? it sounds rough, right? but they had fun after all so it was all good.


the lunch ride. right after we came back from the canyon, shinya rechecked the SR and found out that the vacuum hose was off. dah! SR never dies! 


had too much fun, stopped here and there freewheelingly...


 giving a TLC to XSR700.


 the Aermacchi project.


this is a time to brew some ideas...

なかなかスイッチが入らない木村氏。 今はアイディアを温める時、らしい。

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

a bit of all right...

the "Pantera Verde" is heading to Austin, Texas for the Handbuilt Motorcycle Show this weekend. 


shinya is on Max Hazan's (Hazan Motorworks) new creation, turbo charged Ducati bevel at Lock's (Eastern Fabrications)shop in downtown LA. Max and Lock are two of the next generation custom motorcycle builders who have been raising the bar. they are going to haul our Z1 along with their masterpieces to Austin. such an honor.

Max Hazan氏(Hazan Motorworks)の新作ターボ・チャージド・ドゥカーティ・ベヴェルに跨る木村氏。Lock Baker氏(Eastern Fabrications)のダウンタウンのショップにて。彼らのような次世代の若者たちがどんどんカスタムの水準を上げている。凄いなあ。しかも、めちゃくちゃ制作活動を楽しんでいるところがナイス。今回パンテーラ・ヴェルデを自分たちのモーターサイクルと一緒にオースティンまで運んでくれるという。人格もナイスな人達。ありがとう!

came back to Azusa from downtown LA, finished our errands, and went for a sunset ride.


Monday, April 17, 2017

the ripple effect...

new front fender

we received some parcels around noon, one from our friend, one for our friend and one big long package. 

"that's mine, that's mine!" shinya said.

it was a used front fender off of Suzuki T350 that he wanted to put on his Superhawk. the one he had was original but optional parts which looked pretty square and he didn't like it.


 "gotta test it!"


the Aermacchi project. it had temp handlebars and now shinya's ready to make one.


 the package form Japan was from Tom of Junk-Motor.


sandcast master Tom makes various crazy stuff. there was a memo from him saying "i don't know what they are. tell me what they are!" :D he always send shinya some of his new creations and shinya gets pretty excited about how to utilize them. very inspiring.


 they could be a muffler...


the "Pantera Verde" is getting ready for the Handbuilt Motorcycle Show in Austin.


Sunday, April 16, 2017

Bill Ding says...

shinya wanted to see the on going project from all angles so he swapped places of the project UK and the project R.


 giving TLC to the Superhawk :D


missed lunch so we went for a supper ride and found this lumber yard and its character "Bill Ding".


the Aermacchi project, expanding on the exhaust muffler idea.


 giving a TLC to TR6 :D

my Thunderbird tank is now black because i have some ideas that i want to try.


Saturday, April 15, 2017

ride ride Saturday...

 6:45 AM at Hollywood Bowl



we didn't fit in because we took our normal motorbikes :p (Honda CB77 Superhawk and the Aermacchi, you can't even see them in the picture. they were too small.)... but so what? shinya says he's happiest when riding whatever the bike he loves. we had a blast. 


we were dead beat by the heavy traffic jam on the way back but after a little break, we went for a ride again :D